About Caila

Welcome to Caila! 

Caila is a career concierge that uses artificial intelligence to upskill working learners. We bring the world’s courses to learners and provide personalized learning pathways for advancement. Using machine learning, we deliver curated sets of learning experiences from local in-person courses to online courses aligned with each person's job and career goals.

We're passionate about creating new pathways to great jobs for people. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get relevant and skill-based education that will help them get jobs. Our innovative software uses AI to aggregate thousands of courses from across universities, online MOOCs, bootcamps, and more, and accurately maps these courses to specific job positions. We match these courses to market driven data, which means that we follow trends on what skills will be most in demand for the jobs of the future.

This gives people a clear path from education to a job. Caila will change the way we think about degrees, credentialing, and the path towards greats jobs.

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