French Composition and Conversation I-CAS LF 303

French Composition and Conversation I

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 4

Topics based courses exploring various aspects of French and Francophone literature, culture, and society. In the context of each section's unique theme, students advance proficiency in speaking, writing, reading, and listening. Four topics are offered in Fall 2016. Sections A1 and B1: Crime. Analysis of the formulas of crime fiction through novels, short stories, series, and movies. Contemporary debates on topics related to criminality, such as marginalization, poverty, violence, ethics, and justice. Section C1: French in the World. Analysis of images, short stories, excerpts from novels, and films that address the relationship between France and several of its former colonies, notably in West Africa, from colonial times to the present. Section D1: Secrets, Lies and Family Ties. Exploration, through modern films and literary texts, of how people lie and how this behavior contributes to various modes of communication originating in families, extending to other relationships. Other topics include emerging identities; societal pressures; gender fluidity. Section E1: French Through Film and Media. Exploration of French and Francophone media from film to television and broadcast press, as a conduit for enhancing students' understanding of French and Francophone culture.

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