Advanced Signals and Systems Analysis for Biomedical Engineering-ENG BE 747

Advanced Signals and Systems Analysis for Biomedical Engineering

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 4

Introduction to advanced techniques for signals and systems analysis with applications to problems in biomedical engineering research. Time-domain and frequency-domain analysis of multiple input, multiple output systems using the fundamental matrix approach. Hilbert transform relations; applications to head- related transfer functions. Second-order characterization of stochastic processes: power density spectra, cross-spectra, auto-and cross-correlation functions. Gaussian and Poisson processes. Models of neural firing patterns. Effects of linear systems on spectra and correlation functions. Applications to models of the peripheral auditory system. Optimum processing applications. Applications to psychophysical modeling. Introduction to wavelets and wavelet transforms. Wavelet filter banks and wavelet signal processing. 4 cr

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