EK128 Engineering Computation++-ENG EK 128

EK128 Engineering Computation++

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 4

An introduction to engineering problem solving, programming, and design for engineering students with strong interest or preparation in computer programming. All topics will be "learned by doing" through studio classes and individual and team projects. Basic procedural programming concepts (such as variables, expressions, input/output, branching, looping, functions, file input/output, and data structures). Introduction to computational environments, linear algeba and numerical methods. Types of development environments and programming language categories: glue, scripting, web, object-oriented, system and assembly languages. Students will form design teams and will design, build, test, and demonstrate a final project. Students completing ENG EK 128 will not receive additional credit for ENG EK 127 and/or CAS CS 111. www.bu.edu

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