Biomedical Instrumentation and Imaging-GMS BT 422

Biomedical Instrumentation and Imaging

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 4

Prereqs: GMS BT110 Intro to Biomed Lab Sciences, GMS BT405 Biochemistry, GMS BT342 Cell Biology (or equivalent courses) and knowledge of molecular biology. This course examines the scientific principles and proper uses of optical instruments commonly found in modern biomedical laboratories. Students will learn hands-on fundamentals of assay development, using instruments such as luminometers, spectrophotometers, fluorometers, fluorescence microscopes, plate readers, bioimagers, and real-time PCR thermocyclers. Principles of sound experimental design, including the use of appropriate controls and consideration of instrument sensitivity, will be addressed using the students' own experiments as well as examples from the scientific literature. Students will process their data, including microscope images using computer freeware. At the end of the course students will present, interpret, and critically discuss their results with faculty and researchers during a poster session.

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