Freedom of Expression in the United States-KHC LW 103

Freedom of Expression in the United States

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 4

This seminar will take a multi-layered approach to the concept of freedom of expression embedded in the first amendment to the US constitution. The first amendment states that "Congress Shall Make No Law Abridging the Freedom of Speech or of the Press". What does it mean? We shall explore the theories underlying the principle that speech should be protected and the various Supreme Court cases that address this issue. We shall discuss whether the first amendment applies only to congress or also to the states, whether it addresses only political speech or may be extended to such subjects as artistic expression, obscenity, defamation or racist speech and whether it may be extended to certain activities such as flag burning. We shall also address the question of how much protection the amendment, as interpreted by the Court, extends to the press.

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