Corporate Finance with U.S. and International Reporting-LAW XB 820

Corporate Finance with U.S. and International Reporting

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 3

Corporate Finance and Accounting is concerned with understanding financial statements and reports. The objective is that students will be able to read and understand the four financial statements and the 10-k annual report. Emphasis is placed on understanding the nature and meaning of the reports, as well as the relationship to the underlying transactions. Other topics may include: basic accounting principles, US GAAP versus IFRS, financial statement analysis, the relationship of the financial statement information to covenant documents, and accounting gamesmanship. It will also include analysis and structuring of capital transactions, with emphasis on financial statement analysis, attributes of equity and debt securities and transactions which restructure existing corporate capitalizations. Transactions discussed will include an acquisition, an out-of-court debt restructuring and a negotiated reallocation of equity.

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