Evidence-Based Practice I-SAR OT 520

Evidence-Based Practice I

Dates: All year

By: Boston University

Location: Boston

Credits: 2

This course is designed for occupational therapy graduate students to develop beginning skills for conducting evidence-based practice. The focus is on using research evidence to support the first task of therapy: getting to know the client and the client's needs. Students learn how to find, use, and communicate about two types of published research reports that support the therapist's task of getting to know a client: (1) reports about the occupational lives and needs of people like the client (i.e., similar health care conditions, gender, cultural group, etc.), and (2) reports about the quality of different assessment methods for gaining information about a client's occupational life and needs. The format of class sessions is primarily discussion, with some lecture, that is structured around actual client cases and guiding questions. Student performance is assessed with class participation, homework assignments, and a final exam/project. www.bu.edu

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