5130 Usability and Empirical User Research - 5130 Usability and Empirical User Research

Usability and Empirical User Research

Dates: TBD

By: Northeastern University

Location: TBD

Professor: TBD

Website: https://www.northeastern.edu/

Credits: 4

Focuses on methods and methodologies from human-computer interaction (HCI) and their use in different applications, including apps, Web applications, games, and virtual worlds. Covers the basics of user-oriented evaluation, associated topics, and usability methods. Introduces the design process, usability heuristics, HCI paradigms, task models, and cognitive models. Examines quantitative and qualitative analysis of data. Offers students an opportunity to delve into experimental design, institutional-review-board approvals, ethics, research subject recruitment, and experiment implementations. Applies concepts through concrete projects, case examples, and exercises. Expects students to be running assignments continually and trying out different evaluation methods and methodologies. Prereq. Senior or graduate standing; restricted to students in selected colleges.

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