2347 Voice and Movement 2 for Theatre - 2347 Voice and Movement 2 for Theatre

Voice and Movement 2 for Theatre

Dates: TBD

By: Northeastern University

Location: TBD

Professor: TBD

Website: https://www.northeastern.edu/

Credits: 4

Continues THTR1250. Offers students an opportunity to further develop and strengthen the body and the voice in the pursuit of eloquent speaking and compelling presence onstage. Vocal practice emphasizes breath capacity, resonance, and clarification of speech sounds through the study of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Physical practice emphasizes improvisation, coordination, stamina, and spatial awareness. Includes direct application of all skills to diverse dramatic texts. Prereq. THTR1250, THTR2342, and sophomore standing or above; theatre majors and combined majors only.

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